Ernest House

Welcome to the story of our latest triumph—a meticulous restoration and renovation of a 1940s home, where we sought to preserve its inherent historical charm while seamlessly incorporating modern living elements. Throughout this project, we embraced sustainability by salvaging construction materials from the demolition stage, employing various methods of craftsmanship in the restoration process. The result is a home that exudes a unique and authentic touch, showcasing salvaged rimu from the walls as feature walls, panelling, and planks.

This successful renovation project stands as a testament to Group Complete Renovation’s commitment to preserving the essence of the original build. Completed on time and within budget, our team ensured that the 1940s home retained its historical charm while meeting the demands of contemporary living. As your trusted experts in renovations in Auckland, specializing in home renovations, house extensions, basement renovations, and more, we invite you to explore the possibilities for your own home transformation. Contact Group Complete Renovation today to bring your vision to life. Your dream renovation is just a call away!