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Group Complete Renovations is your one stop solution to all your renovation & home extension needs with decades of proven experience and many exciting residential and commercial projects behind us.

We’re passionate about creating spaces and designs that are not only bespoke and beautiful – but, importantly, work for you and are designed around your lifestyle. That’s why all of our projects are built around the aspirations of you, the client. Not the other way around.

We also believe that good design can be affordable. These are the fundamental principles that we operate by at Group Complete Renovation. Those principles have enabled us to build a strong reputation in the industry over the past 20 years, helping homeowners, developers, and contractors create stunning building and spaces for today and the future.


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Whether you want to completely renovate your entire home or you are just looking to renovate a small section such as a bathroom or kitchen, we can help! Our service spans all the way from the initial design ideas and concepts to seeing the project through by managing the process for you. Our team of specialized  builders and trades people are there to help, ensuring a seamless and stress free project for you that meets your budget.

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Our clients choose us because our team is qualified and experienced, plus we have an impressive portfolio of past projects. In addition, we handle all sizes of job in all styles of home. This includes providing architectural services for new builds, extension projects, and renovations.

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Group Complete Renovation caters to all our clients’ needs and what they envision for their homes. You are the boss of our project! Home extension in Auckland can sometimes be a daunting endeavour, but Group Complete Renovation has got your back! 

Whenever you see fit! If you think your home needs an extension or some sort of renovation, make plans on what you want to change or add to your house. There are a lot of home extension plans on the internet that could get you inspired, but we also offer insights on what you may need. When you feel like your house needs home extensions, feel free to contact us and we’ll guide you through the process and get you inspired. The earlier you can plan your extension, the better! 

Your house extension design is entirely up to you, but we do recommend a lot of planning and reviewing floor plans to make sure your second storey is up to your standards. Here are a few advice we can give you:  

  • Draw up your plans in detail.  
  • Discuss and get to know your contractor’s vision to avoid unwanted surprises.  
  • Pick the right builder. That’s Group Complete Renovation!  
  • Plan your budget. 

First and foremost, you have to determine how much does an extension cost, then when you have a solid quote, begin to plan your budget around that amount. Keep in mind these other factors as well:  

  • Cost for contractors 
  • Cost for materials  
  • Cost for other miscellaneous things. You could never know when you might need any extra.  

Once you’ve taken care of these main factors, you’ll have enough budget for your house extension process.  

There are a lot of home ideas in Auckland that you can use as your reference when planning your house extension. There are a lot of things to consider when planning your house extension. Some of these are: 

  • The size of your house  
  • What type of extension you want.  
  • The number of rooms or floors you want to add. 

Adding a rear home extension in Auckland is very helpful to you. That additional back exterior to your house can be useful as a storage room, additional garage or even a home office. Do with it what you like!  

The cost for a home extension in Auckland typically varies depending on the contractor and other factors involved. It’s good to reach out first and get a quote to determine the right amount.  

House extension is exactly as it sounds like; extending your house. Whether you’re adding a floor, room or front of your house, that’s a house extension. It’s a long and thought-out process, but it becomes worthwhile in the end.  

For your home renovation or extension needs, contact Group Complete Renovations today!