Tips in Choosing an Interior Design Specialist in Auckland


Getting an interior designer to help with your home improvement project can save you time and money if you plan carefully. It can, admittedly, appear overwhelming, as if it were its own project. However, it’ll only be a walk in the park with the right interior designer. Interior design in Auckland is a big deal, […]

Group Complete Renovation: The Journey Of A Home Builder

sample of home renovation in auckland

Home renovation is a term that seems to conjure up images of blue-haired ladies wearing flowy dresses and carrying paint cans. But, in reality, it can be a complex process with many steps involved! Take a look at the Home Builder’s journey through the process of renovating an old home into a new one. What […]

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Bathroom Renovation Company

Bathroom designs

Why Get a Bathroom Renovation? If you’re spending more time in the bathroom than you are on the ground, it’s time to start thinking about a bathroom renovation. A big reason to do this is because your home’s resale value will go up with a new, updated bathroom. Here are some things to keep in […]